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Welcome to Rehabilitation Education Foundation

Welcome to Rehabilitation Education Foundation

Welcome to Rehabilitation Education FoundationWelcome to Rehabilitation Education Foundation

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 "I've come to know, Some people are dealing with issues within beyond their control. We must be mindful not to let their actions trigger actions in retaliation, creating our own emotional discord. I'm a firm believer God connects us with people for reasons, seasons, and some lifetimes. The important thing is to be in tune to know what your purpose is for them and for you.
Mental illness is a serious thing and our reaction to those actions can make or break the call. Let us not be quick to respond. Wisdom is in the subtle, yet profound response.
Let Us Handle Each Other With Care, No Matter What It Looks Like! Whether you disconnect or stay, LOVE WINS EVERYTIME" - ShermandaRamsay

(The Pastor and Advocate in me to you)
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Have you or a loved one experienced a traumatic experience?

Have you felt like giving up or have you giving up?

Are you stuck, knowing you have more inside to give, but you just don't know how to move forward?

Do you feel no one understands and it seems you're all alone?

Are you feeling you've tried and giving all you can and you can't go any further?

Transforming Trauma to Triumph - Educational Training, Coaching, Motivation


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You don't have to go it alone!

We are here to assist and serve you. We are dedicated to helping you win.

Rehabilitation Education Foundation

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